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Daniel Giulio Herrmann Crosato - Aspiring Child Model

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Daniel Giulio Herrmann Crosato
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More about Daniel Giulio Herrmann Crosato - Aspiring Child Model

  • Daniel Giulio Herrmann Crosato
  • Age: Less than 1 year
  • Height: Crawler
  • Interested in: Print ads, TV ads, Fashion shows, TV serials, Movies, Modelling events and Competitions
  • City: Delhi (NCR)


Daniel Giulio, born 20 June 2023, is a happy, chubby little boy with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He can sit and smiles a lot.
He is half German and half Italian, and is based in New Delhi with his parents.
He loves chatting, playing and eating.
Feel free to contact us!

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207 total views, 1 today


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